The In-Person IMPACT Selling Seminar Professional Sales Training Program

A tried-and-true sales process that has been taught to over a million salespeople.

Your salespeople will learn a simple sales technique in an in-person, instructor-led session that will help them close more deals, more often.

The In-Person IMPACT Selling Seminar Professional Sales Training Program

Behind IMPACT’s simplicity is a powerful selling methodology that enables reps & their teams to engage in high-level corporate sales conversations that convert more buyers.

Program Benefits

Increased sales revenue and greater margin

Shortened sales cycles to reduce time-to-close

Clarity of goals all the way from the tactical to the strategic level

Better pre-call planning and positioning skills

Improved communication with different buying styles

Instructor-led training program that’s easily applied in the real world

Program Deliverables

A Simple Framework Designed to Fit Your Needs

The simplicity of the IMPACT Selling sales training curriculum is one of its greatest assets. There are no complicated theories for your sales staff to learn and execute; instead, they will learn simple, actionable sales training techniques and methods that they can immediately apply to chances to increase their overall success and leadership.

The simple selling framework can be simply customised to suit your company’s real-world sales environment and sales training requirements.

The benefits of customized in-person sales training programs include :