Key Account Management For 2X Growth

Twenty percent of your activities produce 80 percent of your results and in the same way 20 percent of your Account give you 80 percent of your overall revenue. Segregating your accounts based on the volume of their business and create an organisation wide engagement to Protect, sustain and grow the business, year over year. An Individual or team who manage these Key Accounts must be capable of maintaining relationship at various levels of customers. A geography-based Sales Account manager may not slip into this role that easily. How are you planning to get your team ready for Key account Management?

Would you like to know how our program can help you?

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Industrial organisations depend on Key accounts for their major share of revenue, and you do not reach that level of business relationship unless there is the customer see a unique value proposition from the supplier. There is difference between Normal sales and managing multiple Key Accounts with sustained growth. Only a Salesperson with below traits can perform the above with zeal.
  • Result Oriented
  • Accountable for agreed outcomes
  • Relationship builder
  • Technology expertise
  • Innovation
  • Long term collaboration
Key Account management involves Long-term Goals, selling at diverse levels of Customer management, Engaging the complete organisation to create value for customer, Co-creating vision for individual projects and increase customer satisfaction level.
This program will coach the participant on successful Key account management by adding value in the following FOUR areas
  • Creating a Strategic account plan after doing enough research on customer’s Specific Needs, External Challenges, Internal Drivers, and Industry trend.
  • Align and engage Key resources at both organisations and create value
  • Continuously collaborate with customer and co-create vision for the success of their organisation
  • Wining major projects with clear timeline, desired results, and measurable success parameter. And to make sure the customer achieves all those milestones with deeper collaboration with your teams
  • Expanding and repeating the success across departments and plants for the benefit of both organisations

Program Format

Client Management ​

4 Days of classroom training (2 X 2 Days with min 10 days gap between two sessions)

On the Job activities

Key account plan creation – Sample

Client Management ​

Weekly reviews and feedback

One-on-one coaching for 30 minutes Process

Coaching Manual

Program Deliverables

Clear understanding of difference between Geo sales and Key Account Management

Strategic account plan creation

Aligning both organizations

Engaging with customer till results are achieved

Expanding the success

Ability to create continuous customer share and higher customer satisfaction.

Program Format

Program Deliverables