Organization Program

A complete organization program of actionable sales leadership skills and insight you can apply with your team immediately. Optimized for a highly interactive, transformational experience and offered virtually or in-person.

Why Attend The Organization Program?

The instructor-led training programme provides sales managers with a tried-and-true approach for increasing their team’s sales performance, as well as specific procedures for implementing it successfully. The programme can be delivered remotely over the course of six sessions or in person over the course of 2.5 days.

Sales managers will gain a better grasp of their role, where to spend their attention, and how to coach to each of the sales professionals they lead’s strengths and limitations, as well as the opportunity to network and cooperate with other leaders who have “been there, done that.”

Why Attend?

Hire and Keep Top Sales Performers

Learn how to streamline the interview process and select sales candidates who are hardwired to succeed in your sales environment

Master the Art of Sales Coaching

Learn a tailored approach to coaching, managing, and motivating sales professionals to achieve defined results in a predictable way

Streamline Your Sales Process

Discover a proven, systematic sales strategy that will shorten the sales cycle, improve your forecasting, and elevate your team’s sales performance

Define an Actionable Sales Plan

Develop strategic and tactical plans for acquiring new business, growing your existing business, and hitting your sales goals

Develop Clear Performance Objectives

Determine exactly where your team needs to focus their attention, and set milestones and events to keep them on track

Make Authentic Connections

Network and collaborate with sales leaders from around the world facing the same challenges you’re up against day in and day out